Video Archive 


Woody Guthrie cover with Dave Van Ronk
Gaslight Cafe, New York


 'I don’t have no sports car, and I don’t even care to have one...' Bob Dylan's Blues.


The San Francisco press conference. First question about the Triumph t-shirt! 


Sharing a cab with John Lennon.


Leaning on a car to talk to passers-by during filming of the movie Hearts of Fire

 Commercial for Cadillac Escalade.



Commercial for 2014 Jeep Cherokee 

The national advertising campaign for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee features a Bob Dylan song. Actually, it's a Dylan performance of a Blind Willie Johnson song. "Motherless Children" - Gaslight Café (Oct. 1962) - not released on the official Gaslight CD but was made 'officially' available on the "The 50th Anniversary Collection" in December 2012. 


Sunday February 2, 2014. Superbowl advertisement debut for Chrysler cars.  

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