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A small selection of pictures featuring Bob Dylan with cars and motorcycles 


(circa) 1951?

Racing Clinic for Hibbing Junior Chamber of Commerce
Hibbing, Minnesota.

Prospective soapbox derby racer, Robert Zimmerman (2nd on right) wearing a billed-cap, lays hands on a steering wheel for his derby car. Did the racer get built? Did he race it? 



On his motorbike.

With thanks to John Smith

Robert Zimmerman with Dale Boutang "the best rider in Hibbing, a cowboy on wheels and a seasoned weight-lifter" and Dale Boutang's Harley 74, 1956.

Photograph taken by Beatty Zimmerman, Bob's mother. (This photograph is seen often on the Internet with the 1956 removed and a modern large 1957 added.)

"Waiting in the house was Raatsi on the bed/'I'm gonna pin Boutang's arm,' Melvin, then said/A noise outside! and Raatsi's face had gleam/Ah ha, it was Dale coming on his machine/Raatsi came to the door and opened it wide/Dale Boutang then stepped inside/Roll up that sleeve and let's get to work,'/Said Melvin Raatsi with a great big smirk/'I'm gonna arm-wrestle you to death said Mel the boy/'Shut up,' said Boutang,' I'll take care of you like a little toy..." 

"We'd pull into the Hibbing Rootbeer stand on Bob's motorcycle when the weather was warm. One time, just outside my house on the old service road, he tried to teach me to ride it. He told me all about the controls, started it up and set me on board. Only trouble was my feet weren't long enough to reach the ground. But I didn't realize that until I'd already taken off. I made about twenty yards in first gear and thought I'd better practice stopping before I went any further, so I tried to put on the brakes; but something went wrong and the engine started revving and I hit a post or a tree and went head over heels. The motorcycle fell over and the rear wheel went crazy with sparks flying and gravel...Bob stood there with his mouth open and his eyes real big, not believing it." -- Echo Helstrom

Photograph courtesy of Leroy Hoikkala and Sharon Ness. This photograph was taken by Beatty Zimmerman in 1956 in front of Bob's home. The photograph was a part of Tangled up in Ore a Bob Dylan exhibition at Ironworld. t052008 --- Clint Austin --- austinIRON0522c3. 




Bob Dylan pictured in a car with childhood friend Larry Kegan.

To read more about their relationship, read EDLIS - the Bob Dylan Who's Who on Expecting Rain. 


Early 1963

New York City

Photo by Jim Marshall

With only part of a vehicle, that's true...  



Victor Maymudes and Bob Dylan in 1964 in Woodstock, N.Y. 

Bob Dylan riding a slightly different form of transport, there! ;-) 

Photograph credit Edward A. Chavez.


19641024 [?]

Massachusetts [?] 

Photo by John Byrne Cooke



Bob Dylan on Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, from the collection of Betsy Siggins Schmidt. 

Reclining on the rooftop of Victor Maymude's and Dylan's Ford station wagon (reported as being red, but remembered by photographer John Byrne Cook as being navy blue). Looking for a good spot to take a picture? 

This photograph is also featured in the trailer for the movie 'For The Love of the Music', a film about Club 47.

The man in the black shirt to the centre is Victor Maymudes. 

Watch the trailer 'For The Love of the Music' here


July 1964

Bob Dylan & John Sebastian with the Paturel children. Nina in front, Monique being shy and Gerard, the youngest, is on the tricycle. Their parents Mary and Bernard Paturel ran the Café Espresso in Woodstock.

Photograph taken in the alley behind Café Espresso, Tinker Street, Woodstock, New York. July, 1964.

Photograph by Douglas Gilbert who said of the experience: "In July of 1964, one year before his music changed from acoustic to electric, I photographed Bob Dylan for LOOK magazine. I spent time with him at his home in Woodstock, New York, in Greenwich Village, and at the Newport Folk Festival. The story was never published. After reviewing the proposed layout, the editors declared Dylan to be "too scruffy for a family magazine" and killed the story."



On a Yamaha motorcycle with Bob Siggins. 



Bearsville, New York
With Victor Maymudes and Bob Neuwirth
Photo by John Byrne Cooke 

Dylan on his 1964 Triumph Tiger 100.



Highway 61 Revisited album cover shot
Photo by Daniel Kramer

The Triumph Motorcycle t-shirt!


1966, May

Taking the Aust Ferry, England
Photo by Barry Feinstein 

The car was an Austin Princess. The driver/bodyguard for the UK tour in 1966 was Tom Keylock who had also worked with the Rolling Stones. 

Read a discussion about this picture here



Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
With Johnny Hallyday and Hugues Aufray [?]

On this day, Bob Dylan had recorded a short radio interview at the Hotel Georges V in Paris. The following day, his 25th birthday, he performed at Olympia, Paris.


1968, Summer

Outside his Birdcliffe home
Photo by Elliott Landy 

Leaning on the back of an unidentified old car. 



With Sara.


1977, March

Los Angeles
Photo by Ron Galella



Santa Monica
Exact dates unknown
Photo by Brad Elterman 



A Cadillac was on the back cover of Shot Of Love (1981).

The first picture in the gallery shows the original LP and cassette art proofs for Shot of Love." 2017-10-05

The second picture shows that the Cadillac did sneak out on the Brazilian LP (CBS 138.507 Brazil). "Shot Of Love - the car is the original design for the rear album sleeve with lettering reported to be by Clydie King. It was withdrawn at the last minute to be replaced by the design with Bob contemplating a rose, but for some reason the first pressings of Shot Of Love by CBS Brazil went out with the rejected design."

The third picture in the gallery shows how the image was used on Dandelion's Between Saved & Shot boot. Between Saved & Shot (Dandelion / DL 105, 1999)



Zuma Beach, California
Photo by David Michael Kennedy



With the Traveling Wilburys
Video for 'She's My Baby'

Bob is in the straw boater hat.



Playing the role of a chauffeur in the promo video for 'Unbelievable' from the album 'Under The Red Sky'


199111 [?]

Bob Dylan using his hat to pretend to avoid a photograph, in 1991.  Is that an ice cream cone in his left hand? ;-)  

Photograph by Antonin Kratochvil on the 1991 U.S. Fall tour, some say near Madison, Wisconsin, some think near Erie, Pennsylvania. (Page 19: Los Angeles Times Magazine, 9 February 1992, Robert Hilburn interview). 

[above link is to text without published images] 

The car appears to be a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. The '55-'57 Bel Air body is considered one of the classics in American design. As an interesting aside, a similar model car, a '55 Buick Roadmaster, was made famous in the Tom Waits song "Old 55", covered by the Eagles. 

The photograph is often attributed to Glasgow, Scotland in February 1991 on that European tour. This seems mistaken. The car is left-hand drive. Assuming the picture is not reversed because the buttons on the jacket are on the correct side for a male, that makes the UK unlikely. The sign in the background is not at all British in style. The car would be foreign for the UK. A car enthusiast's import? American military? Nothing rules out Glasgow absolutely, but everything suggests it is not.

This photograph and others appeared in The Telegraph #42 (Summer ’92) and they were given the nebulous identification – pages 43 to 47: “Madison, Wisconsin, November 5, 1991 or is it Eastern Europe?” Eastern Europe seems most unlikely. It is probably after Madison. 



Photo by Kevin Mazur 
Taken during "Love and Theft" sessions.



Bartels' Harley Davidson Dealership
Marina del Rey, California

Also used in a Rolling Stone Magazine feature



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